Welcome to My very first post on this blog.  ;)

Basically, I am just getting started and want to add a great deal of content before I actually make this site public.  Once I do, I'm going to jump over to Google Sites and start playing around there.  

I figure that if I am going to give advice about webmaster tools and design, I should try them out and know what I am talking about.  I don't know that I will upgrade from the free website at Weebly to a paid account, as I already have several paid hosting options on very quick and reliable servers.  I also want to setup a Linux server here at the house to play with.  

On top of that, I also have sites hosted at TNTParking, Blogger, Tumblr & WordPress.  

I used to work as a web designer, but very few of the sites I setup exist today.  Businesses go bust, websites go down.  One gal had a website I put My hopes and dreams on, holding it up as a perfect example of my HTML & CSS capabilities, but she only used it as a part-time business until she was out of college.

Then, another web designer approached Me about doing something for him, and I agreed to make it a beautiful example of HTML5 & CSS3, only he gutted it and put it on frames because he didn't understand what My code.  As far as I'm concerned, he breached our agreement and owes Me twice what I charged.

One time, I had been working on the new website for Orthopedic Institute here in Sioux Falls with assurances that I could go ahead with the project and the promise that I was their guy when after nearly completing the first phase they fired Me without covering the extra $2700.00 worth of work I put into the site.  

So I got tired of working for other people that don't give a rat's ass about My skillset and now I am managing trademarks, brands and intellectual properties, domaining, creating logos and graphics, and designing fonts.  No one is going to just rip My artwork completely off the face of the anymore.  From now on, I'm going to be as creative as I want, because I'm working for me, now.  I treat Myself better than any client ever has.    

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